Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Days!!!

(update added 8/29/09): I thought I'd quickly update this post just in case anyone reading it is thinking about enrolling in the Well Baby program... It turns out there was a misunderstanding and not everything we thought would be covered, was. Only in-network doctor costs are covered - in other words, any costs from the hospital are not covered unless directly associated with the doctor. No worries though - we're still extremely grateful to have our doctor's costs covered which ended up saving up a pretty penny. The rest will mostly be covered by my flexible spending health account - something I'd highly recommend to everyone whose employer offers it. It is a huge tax savings.

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This is my first post since being thrown into the challenging world of Mommywood. I just received some very happy news, so I'll begin by going over the background. A little over a year ago, I enrolled in MUS's Well Awards program (program offered through our university system's insurance plan). Basically, by partaking in specific, healthy choices and programs I would receive a certain amount of points as a reward. Once I accumulated something like 14 points, I would then be eligible to receive $100.00. One of the programs they offered that would give me a couple of points was called Star Baby which was a maternity program offering information and support during pregnancy. The description was pretty sparse, but basically I knew it'd get me closer to my $100.00 so I didn't care that much about the actual program. It wasn't until I started going to my prenatal visits that I realized the program actually paid all of my co-pays, so the appointments were free. I was beyond thrilled.

I assumed the benefits of the program would stop once the baby was born, but received a letter asking me to re-enroll for fiscal year 2010 starting July 1st. I figured I would because the last appointment wasn't covered and thought that might be a way to get it paid for. I called to re-enroll and the gal in charge of the program informed me that Star Baby, now Well Baby, had changed their coverage. I wasn't sure what that would mean at first. Then she explained that all of Ashlinn's well-baby checks would be covered, she'd receive a $50.00 savings bond, I'd get some super high quality, expensive prenatal vitamins for nursing, AND.... the costs associated with delivery would be covered. I couldn't believe it. I'd heard horror stories from friends about how much they had to pay for delivery and associated doctor's appointments even with premium insurance, and had no idea what kind of bill to expect.

Thus far, the pregnancy appointments and delivery have cost me a grand total of $60.00, and that amount was to cover our second, "emergency" ultrasound that wasn't covered by Star Baby. What a relief!!! Now all of the money I've put into my flexible spending account can go towards other medical costs such as dental visits, sick baby visits, etc. And to think, I only enrolled to get my $100 Well-Award bonus and it's saved us hundreds if not thousands.

It's just neat to see how, ever since Ryan and I have been together, problems always seem to work themselves out in the end whether it was the way we thought they would turn out or not. We work off one another's energy and strengths and do our best to stay positive, and somehow everything turns out wonderfully.

As for baby stuff... Having and caring for an infant is SO much more difficult than I could have ever anticipated. I can't tell you how many times I've questioned myself as a mother. You always hear how "the day ______ was born was the happiest day of my life", so to experience anything contrary to that belief can make you feel like a horrible person and mother. Looking back, I actually somewhat enjoyed the labor and delivery process, but I have to admit it wasn't love at first sight when Ashlinn was born and placed on my tummy. I was relieved that that extreme pain and pressure was over, and happy that everyone came through it healthy, but had no emotions when looking at my baby. Everything happened so incredibly fast that day that it was all a blur. I was somewhat apathetic and confused and didn't know what to think. I worried I would never bond with this little one and that I would have to fake my way through being a mother. Luckily things improved with rest and having time to take it all in and spend time with my baby. I now look at her and think she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and try to remember that during her bouts of extreme fussiness and when I want to scream in agony each time she nurses - yes, it is THAT painful! :o)

I know we have a long, tough road ahead of us but things always seem to work out as long as we rely on the strengths we collectively posess as a family. It should be quite the adventure. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hi Jen! Great to read about all the good news. Sounds like the Star Baby program paid off big time, -way to go. I have also enjoyed the pictures. Ashlinn sure is a cute baby. The pictures of the grandparents(?) and Ashlinn are absolutely wonderful too, -they look soooo happy. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with everything. Heini (Misa is my nickname from way back.)