Friday, September 18, 2009

Testing, 1...2...3...

In the last 48 hours I've been tested heavily as a mother. Mommy test #1 started when Ashlinn went in for her first shots. She gave Dr. Fairbanks some lovely smiles just before Nurse Ratchett came in with the needles(okay, I LOVE Nurse Raelynn but Ashlinn wasn't a fan that day). Not only were three shots administered but I had to hold down my baby girl's legs during the horrible deed. Band-aids and infant Tylenol just didn't cut it, and mommy kisses only went so far. She screamed bloody murder, calmed down a bit after nursing, and then proceeded to continue screaming in protest much of that evening and at bedtime. She kept me up all night, which wouldn't have been as bad except the following day I started back at my first day of work (mommy test #2). All went well since Daddy watched her and I really like my new colleague, but dread next week as Monday will be her first day at daycare (mommy test #3).

In a perfect world, Ryan and I could have coordinated work schedules to elminate the need for daycare. At least she will only be going twice a week. It is a selfish and somewhat conceited thought, but I know no one can care for my baby like her mommy can. I know her cries, her likes and dislikes, the way she likes to be held for varying activities, and the fact that I can always kiss her tears away. Of course Daddy is wonderful too - I was referring more to the fact that I worry about how strangers will handle her. I know it will all work out and I'm sure I'll eventually welcome the break and the return to semi-normal schedule. As Mindy suggested, my initial worries and desire to be at Ashlinn's side at all times, calling the daycare every 5 minutes to assure myself that she is still breathing will eventually turn into calling the daycare to coordinate a longer stay so I can go shopping, etc., without baby in tow.

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