Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Growing Pains

In response to Ryan saying, "Ashlinn, I'm not ready for your to grow up!" the 3-year-old says, 
"Daddy, I have to grow up so I can eat my healthy foods and grow big and strong. Don't worry though, because I will always be in your heart when you miss me. If you touch your chest and feel something in your heart or hear someone saying, 'Daddy, I'm in here!', don't worry because it's just Ashlinn in there keeping you company. When I'm really big, though, know that I will leave your heart for 20 minutes 'a time' because I have to explore other places, but then I'll come back to your heart and try not to scare you again there. Someday you will live in my heart too but I won't be scared..." 
The conversation about residing in one's heart continued at a fast pace for another 10 minutes from there. Uh, she takes a very literal approach to love, I suppose.
 Haha!  I love my funny, brilliant, clever, literal girl and her silly stories!!!  

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