Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silly Ashlinn'isms

Here are a few of Ashlinn's little silly-isms that we've kept track of. There are plenty that we have unfortunately forgotten because we didn't write them down. These ones stuck with us:

17 months old:
Mommy while pointing to a picture of Sasquatch on Ashlinn's shirt: "What's on your shirt, Ashlinn?"
Ashlinn: "NOT crocodile!"

17.5 months old:
Mommy: "Ashlinn, you must love the ABC's because this is your 5th time singing it!"
Ashlinn, ever so proper, "No Mama. Ash-rinn love singin' da alphabet song. Not call ABC's"

18 months old:
Susan (Ashlinn's childcare provider): "Do you want another bite?"
Ashlinn: "No, scared of Mike!!!"

(Mike is Susan's partner who we've dubbed as Ashlinn's boyfriend since she is so obsessed with him.)

21 months old:
Ashlinn, while hugging our orange tabby: "Oh Liam. I LOVE you. You're my little baby doll!"

22 months old:
Daddy: "Ashlinn, I love you. Do you love Daddy?"
Ashlinn: "No, Daddy, Ashlinn love da letter 'W'." (one of my favorites!)

23 months old:
While scoping out the amazing desserts at Ikea...
Grandma: "Ashlinn, do you see that yummy chocolate cake? Doesn't it look wonderful!?!"
Daddy, playfully: "I don't know, Grandma. Ashlinn doesn't like that kind of garbage normally."
Ashlinn: "No no no, Daddy! Ashlinn LOVES cha-co-rit! Please?"

23.5 months old:
Daddy: "Ash, what're you doing?"
Ashlinn: "Driving Mommy nuts!" (she says it like it is!)

23.75 months old:
Ashlinn: "Gramma, what that noise?"
Grandma: "Those are cars driving by, Honey."
Ashlinn: "No GRAMMA! Dose are tires on the road!"

24 months old:
Mommy: "Ashlinn, what's your favorite toy?"
Ashlinn: "Uncle Brandon!"

24 months old:
Mommy and Daddy were finishing up the last 5 minutes of a show whereby women are programmed to kick some major butt (better than it sounds....) when Ashlinn woke up from her nap. We really wanted to finish it so we continued watching it while Ashlinn curled up with me. She was still tired and a bit out of it so I assumed she wasn't even paying attention. Then, Ashlinn looks up at me and asks,

"Why is Daddy hitting Mommy?" Whoops! Guess she's more aware than we think!!!

Ashlinn weird-isms:

24 Months:
We were walking around downtown Bozeman and about 1/2 block away from the explosion site. We had never discussed that area with Ashlinn before and I know no one else had taken her there. She stops, dead in her tracks, and looks up at me, a look of worry in her eyes. I ask her what's wrong and she says, "Mommy, I scared. There was loud fire here." That one freaked me out!

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