Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ashlinn Misses Santa Claus!

Yeah - I know it's been forever since I've posted. Here's a cute video of Ashlinn just after her first visit to Santa. I was terrified that she'd be terrified like so many parents warned me, but it was quite the contrary! As soon as she saw him, she ran 10 feet across the room to give him a giant hug. It was the leaving that was the real issue... There was a long line of anxious kids wanting to get their wishlist to Santa so I told Ash it was time to leave. She cried - not like the throw a fit, get my way, tantrum kind of a cry, but real, honest tears of heartache knowing it would be an entire year before getting to see her precious St. Nick again. She was quite sad. The first video we shot was much better, showing this true emotion, only to discover Ryan had forgotten to actually press the record button, so the second shot, shown here, was a little more forced, but you get the idea! :) Ashlinn still speaks fondly of seeing Santa again often. Lucky for her she has no real concept of just how long a year is.

Here's another oldie but goodie from the Christmas before last when our little musical talent was about 7 months old. She's always had a knack for mimicking songs. Sorry be stuck on a Christmas theme...

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